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All ZoneHealthy™ Vegetarian meals are customized using the freshest, most high quality ingredients available. Satisfying the tastes of the fussiest eaters helps to achieve maximum results for dieters, those who desire to follow a healthy food plan or simply want to enjoy home-delivered, delicious vegetarian meals. Like all ZoneHealthy™ food plans, ZoneHealthy™ Vegetarian adheres to the Zone diet plan's "30/40/30" low carbohydrate ratios. Each meal and snack contains 30% lean vegetarian protien, 40% whole wheat or fresh, low glycemic carbohydrates and 30% heart healthy, monounsaturated fat. In addition to helping keep blood sugar stable and contributing to a wide range of health benefits, the ZoneHealthy™ diet plan is best known for weight loss. Most healthy people can lose up to 25 pounds in an average of three months. Last but not least, the ZoneHealthy™ Vegetarian plan is easily customized. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and success. Just tell your counselor what you do and don't like to eat, and our executive chefs will adjust ingredients and menus to comply with your needs and tantalize your palate.

ZoneHealthy™ Vegetarian meals are available on a weekly or monthly basis. They are delivered to your doorstep by 6:00 a.m. each day, neatly packaged in our special insulated, safety sealed cooler bags.

Please call ZoneHealthy™ at (888) 522-ZONE for more information.

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