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What is ZoneHealthy™?

ZoneHealthy™ delivers directly to your doorstep, prepared by our executive chef, in our gourmet kitchen, exquisite fresh epicure meals. Your ZoneHealthy™ executive gourmet chef creates each meal from scratch ensuring his skillful blends and techniques please your palate and comply with the ZoneHealthy™ low-carb diet regimen. ZoneHealthy™ therefore not only serves your taste but takes the science/guess work out of preparing your diet meals. All you simply have to do is enjoy your fresh gourmet diet meals as we deliver them directly to your home.


On a daily basis, while you sleep at night, ZoneHealthy™ is busy planning and preparing your 3 gourmet meals and 2 snacks to be delivered to your door by 6 AM. With skillful blends of variety, to insure your palate is always pleased, in accordance with the principles of the ZoneHealthy™ low carb-diet, your meals are prepared with pure and natural ingredients and the freshest products available daily. Wholesome gourmet meals are as a result of fresh food, prepared from scratch, not frozen and presented to you elegantly by our gourmet chefs. Freshness is guaranteed.


Your gourmet meals and snacks are prepared in a professional chefs gourmet kitchen. (We are NOT a cafeteria or catering company!). Your gourmet meals are made as if you were a guest “dining-in” at a restaurant. Every meal is meticulously prepared and inspected insuring the highest quality food and ingredients. You will never have to shop for food, measure, weigh, count calories, cook or clean. ZoneHealthy™ does it all for you.


Do you find yourself eating fast food, junk food or whatever is available at hand, skipping meals (under-eating), going too long between meals, or eating late night meals due to lack of food sources during the day? Just think of the impact this abuse has on your body on a day-in day-out basis. When it comes to a nutritional program, the amount of meals you eat each day (Meal Frequency) plays a tremendous role. Professional athletes, busy professionals, patients (surgical, cancer, diabetics, heart) and every day individuals have enjoyed the convenience of knowing that their properly prepared low-carb diet meals are ready to eat at set intervals during the day.


ZoneHealthy™ will provide you pure nutrition your body wants and needs conveniently and at a constant frequency throughout your day. Meal frequency may be one of the most important factors of your nutrition program.

ZoneHealthy™ will be available to you immediately and therefore eliminating eating whatever is at hand, skipping meals (under-eating) or going too long between meals. Having the ZoneHealthy™ meals from the beginning of your day until night eliminates the scavenger hunt for food (fast food, junk food etc.) When we skip meals or wait too long between meals, our bodies genetically enter into a stage of storing extra calories. You can thank our ancestors for passing down this genetic trait to us since finding food for them was always a struggle and difficult task and as hunters and gatherers they never knew when or where their next meal was going to come from. As a result, our bodies developed and became very good at storing excess calories (body fat) just in case our bodies entered into starvation. Therefore, if you’re skipping meals or waiting too long between meals, you’re basically triggering your body to store calories as fat since our bodies do not know when the next meal is coming. ZoneHealthy™ thus allows you have the meal frequency necessary to eliminate this genetic trigger of storing body fat.

ZoneHealthy™ helps eliminate eating late night meals (due to lack of nutrition during the day). If you eat late night meals it is usually because you do not eat enough during the day. This causes a drop in blood sugar levels which leads to late night hunger. By continuing to under-eat during the day our body expects us to continue to eat late meals and thus this becomes a habit. Further, such late night meals are usually excessive large meals and most of the calories go straight to storing body fat. ZoneHealthy™ helps you eat more frequent nutritious meals thus eliminating the likelihood of binging.


ZoneHealthy™ will save you time and energy. No more shopping, waiting in line, counting calories, preparing, measuring & cooking or cleaning after you’re done. The convenience factor is tremendous. You’ll have more time for other aspects of your life.


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