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6 Tips for Eating Right While Managing Stress

Now is a difficult time for people all over the world. Anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, and many of us are finding our daily routines difficult to manage. Managing stress is one of the most important things you can do for your general health. 

That’s because it is common for many of us to turn to creature comforts in our time of peril.

Unfortunately, the foods that comfort us most while stressed are also the foods we often try to avoid on our health journeys. (This is why, for example, Slurpees aren’t on any Keto diet meal plans.) 

While everything is fine in moderation, food cravings based on stress are especially damaging for those of us trying to keep our body energized and give it the best nutrition. You can, however, fight your impulses with these six tips for eating right while managing stress. 

1. Find-A-Friend 

Human connections are a precious resource, and many of us have time on our hands. Studies have shown improvements in stress management and overall health when those in stressful situations have adequate support around them. 

Make sure you have someone to talk to and find a way to reach out if you can to someone who’s struggling. Our social support system needs love and care to maintain, and what better time is there to boost our mental health as well as a friend’s? We have never been prouder to be Angelenos, and are glad to be in the same communities as our customers.  

2. Pantry Control 

Right now, when everyone is thinking of stocking up and hiding out, keeping control over the contents of your kitchen is much trickier than it was before. Some of us have taken to elaborate baking or cooking projects. However, many of us lack the skills to make anything both elaborate and edible. 

Meal delivery plans are a great way to keep control of our dietary plans (and let’s face it, give us something to look forward to). Dietary ruts can push people toward overeating, so having variety at your disposal is a great tool. A meal delivery plan with a balanced diet can keep you from overbuying and gorging during stressful times, or from wasting food you’d intended to cook. 

At Zone Healthy, we offer a range of options of meals per day, so you can pinpoint the times when you’re most likely to be susceptible to snacking or stress eating and let our meal delivery plan take care of it for you.  

3. Exercise 

We all know the calorie-burning and fat-torching effects of a high-intensity workout, but just moving your body will do you a world of good. Besides increasing circulation and getting essential vitamin D, if you’re outside, exercising can release endorphins or “feel-good” brain chemicals that improve your mood and outlook on life. 

There are a plethora of instructional videos on YouTube that can help you find a way to exercise that is sustainable for you, be it a HIIT workout video or tai chi guide. Even classes like yoga and Zumba are being taught via zoom nowadays, and don’t forget to take a walk outside when the sun is out (practicing proper social distancing, of course).  

4. Focus 

It’s a common refrain among mindfulness proponents: live in the moment. The bad news for many of us is that we’re so busy rushing from one moment to the next that we give “living” short shrift.

Paying more attention to your diet can help you pace yourself. Take the Keto diet, for example. No one ever accidentally found themselves eating a Keto diet. It takes intention, planning, and discipline. In other words, it requires adherents to be in the moment.

That can come by way of preparing shopping lists, keeping and maintaining a food journal, tracking specific goals, and more. If you think about it, the Keto diet is perfect for someone looking to both lose weight and lower their stress levels. Better yet, help is available to make sure you can stick with it!

5. Meditation 

Well, we mentioned mindfulness: surely you knew meditation was next, right?

We know you’ve heard it before, but the fact remains: meditation is one of the best ways to manage stress. In study after study, meditation has produced real results in managing stress and its health symptoms like hypertension or heart disease. 

Not only can meditation cut stress eating off at the pass, but meditation can also help slow down stress eating and help you make better, healthier choices if you do end up falling prey to your cravings. Many meditation apps are offering free trial memberships to new members, so take some time to do a little window shopping and see what types work best for you. 

6. Routine 

The last thing you need right now is the stress of maintaining tight calorie counts or the constant grind of finding ways to keep your nutrition at his peak. A proper meal delivery plan not only gives you a regimen that’s easy to follow but saves you from spending too much of your time and mental energy trying to decide and bargain with yourself. 

Having pre-decided meals can help keep you on a schedule, and a regular schedule has proven one of the best ways to keep work-from-homers on track. And as we looked at in #4, above, a routine that includes healthy meal prep for something like a Keto diet, can help you live more in the moment.  

If there’s anything we’ve learned in this pandemic, it’s that our health is the most important thing we can have. We need to take care of ourselves and our community. 

Healthy L.A.

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