Celebrity Reviews

Enya Flack

Host of Travel a la Mode & former KCBS/LA Sports Central correspondent

“ZoneHealthy gives a whole new meaning to dieting! Everything is so flavorful and savory. It makes you feel as if you're not dieting at all!"

Matt Cedeno

NBC's Days of Our Lives

"When I'm not working, I spend a lot of time at the gym, so my diet has to compliment my workout. ZoneHealthy really tastes gourmet and satisfies my hunger. ZoneHealthy doesn't weigh me down."

Laurie Coleman

Actress & Wife of United States Senator

"I always eat very healthy. Having ZoneHealthy delivered to my home gives me great food, lots of variety and cuts down on a lot of time that I don't have."

Charlene Tilton


"Fitness has become a big part of my life and I have to watch my diet. ZoneHealthy makes me feel like I am not dieting because I am eating everything that I love!"

Patrika Darbo

Emmy-nominated actress, NBC's Days of Our Lives

"How much fun it is to be so sated and not to worry about the calories or waking up in the morning and saying, "oh, my! What did I do!" Between the fabulous meatloaf, the chicken, fish and plethora of goodies, my hips are thankful!"

Janie Terrazas

Telemundo's Off The Roof

"The ZoneHealthy food is tasty and scrumptious. This isn't dieting, this is living!"

Kate Linder

CBS's The Young & The Restless

"ZoneHealthy food is a new and exciting direction for quality cuisine. It not only looks and tastes wonderful, ZoneHealthy promotes good health and wellness. I certainly enjoy knowing that what I am eating is good for me."

Jacee Jule

NBC’s Days of Our Lives

"ZoneHealthy isn't a crash diet, it's a way of life. It allows me to maintain a perfect healthy diet on a daily basis that is precise and accurate. And yet, without the effort!"

Chris Gann

Actor, ESPN and Fox Sports TV Host. Two world, five national, and six state titles in jet skiing competitions)

"Healthy eating is important and ZoneHealthy is right on cue."

Raquel Rischard

Model, Actress

Thanks ZoneHealthy. This was a perfect fit for my lifestyle.

Brian Stace


"Whats to say, it’s easy, convenient and the food tastes great."

Janice Lynne

CBS’s The Young & the Restless

"This was the easiest and most successful diet I have ever been on. I achieved my goal in less time than I thought was possible."

Liliana Franco

Miss Esmeralda NY

"When I’m preparing for a pageant, it’s important to get into the best shape possible, especially for the all-important swimsuit competition! ZoneHealthy not only helps me to look my best, but to feel my best, which is also vital for any competition. And the food is delicious too!"

Lisa Foiles

Actress, Singer/Songwriter

"The convenience of ZoneHealthy™ has been terrific and the food taste great too!"

Larry Garrison

TV Producer, Author)

"Picture perfect meals ... just fabulous!"

Mimi Lesseos

Actress, Champion Martial Artist

"Making the right food choices is important for me and ZoneHealthy makes this easy."

Mystro Clark

Acter, Comidian, FOX‘s THE NEWZ

"There's no way you can't lose weight on ZoneHealthy."