ZoneHealthy will prepare your delicious ZoneHealthy compliant low-carb diet meals allowing you to get into the zone. Your meals consist of fresh foods that are in the ratio of calories as follows: 40% carbohydrates / 30% protein / 30% fat. It is a perfect ratio of low-density carbohydrates, quality proteins, low fat along with the fiber present in fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that the key role of the ZoneHealthy meals is to keep your insulin at the right level in your body at all times? Insulin plays a very big role in controlling metabolism in your body. Metabolism influences everything from mental awareness/focus, energy, weight gain and loss and of course other vital functions of your body. Therefore, by being able to keep insulin at the optimal level in your body at all times you’re then able to control and keep your metabolism at a peak. Therefore, the benefits of the ZoneHealthy low-carb diet include…

Gradual weight loss. Decrease body fat levels.

Lower Cholesterol.

Lower Blood Pressure.

Improved health.

increase in energy & metabolism *

Increase in energy.

Mental sharpness/clarity.

Better ability to handle stress/ Less moodiness.

Less Hunger/Less Need for Carbohydrates.

Better sleep.

In addition, “Meal Frequency” is promoted by having the ZoneHealthy nutrition meals conveniently available to you throughout your day. “Meal Frequency” is the number of meals you eat each day. It is an important factor of your nutrition program. Skipping meals and/or waiting too long between meals causes your body to think you are starving and thus promote the storage of excess body fat. Without proper meal frequencies, your body naturally thinks you are entering into a stage of starvation and thus our bodies will try to store as much body fat for use later. In addition, when our bodies enter this “starvation stage” our metabolism also slows down. We thus burn fewer calories, feel sluggish, tired etc. This is a natural defense mechanism in our bodies passed down from our ancestors who were hunters and gatherers that did not know when or where there next meal was coming from. As a result, our bodies, naturally trigger the promotion of storing body fat and slowing down our metabolism when we skip meals or wait too long between them. Further, when we skip meals during the day or wait too long between meals, our next meal is likely to be a large one. This usually leads our bodies to crave foods late night. Most of the calories eaten at late night hours end up being stored as excess body fat. Continuous abuse of this process of eliminating meals, waiting too long to eat between meals and eating late night meals can become habit forming for our bodies. In other words, our body expects us to continue this binge lifestyle.

ZoneHealthy’s low-carb diet promotes proper meal frequency thus eliminating this natural defense mechanism of storing body fat and slowing down our metabolism.

Therefore, The ZoneHealthy low-carb diet is set up in such a way to keep insulin in the optimal stage. When you are in “the zone” your insulin is in a fine position so that your metabolism peaks. ZoneHealthy also promotes proper meal frequency which is vital to a proper nutritional program.